Get the most out of your membership!

Thanks for being a part of the thINCubator as we work to grow a connected community of entrepreneurs in the Mohawk Valley. We’re glad you’re here. Whether you’re a thINCubated company or one of our co-workers, we want to lay out some best practices and policies that will allow us to maintain a culture of community, professionalism and coolness.

What applies to you?

If you have KISI access to the space, you are required to abide by these Terms and Conditions regardless of what we call you (co-worker, mentor, thINCubated company, Refinery participant, etc.). If you’d like to review the Terms and Conditions, follow this link for more depth.

Back to best practices…


In a big shared space such as thINC, communication is key. If you need something, say something (or Slack something). You can utilize our Slack community to ask questions, DM staff or other members, post questions, talk about events and much more. Need a tutorial? Here’s detail on how Slack works. You should have received an invite to the thINCubator’s Slack channel upon signing up. Need another invite? Just ask Stacey or Ryan.

Feel free to change the thermostat or the music selection to whatever will make you most comfortable. Please be aware of others in the space and their needs when it comes to volume, genre and core temperature as well. Also, thINCubator is not a library. Conversations are healthy. Be a good neighbor! 😀

Hosting Meetings and Clients:

Co-Workers and thINCubated Companies can (and are encouraged to) have meetings with clients here at thINC. Feel free to book a conference room with Cobot if that’s needed, but you can certainly meet in the open space. Be sure that you’re on premise to let your client in the door and clearly communicate with them on where to enter. We do ask that you be respectful of others in the space while hosting your meetings or conference calls. If you’re a co-worker and need to have additional staff, collaborating partners, or interns working/meeting out of the space, we do need you to purchase additional co-working memberships or refer them to purchase day passes here.

Internal and External Events:

thINC will occasionally rent our facility to some external organizations/ events throughout the year. These rental fees help us keep the lights on and keep our co-working fees low. We’ll do our absolute best to minimize disruption and inform everyone when larger events are taking place (check Slack). You can also check Cobot for a real-time list of events, use this link to add it right to your Google calendar or iCal, or check the whiteboard at the entrance where we do our best to post announcements and updates daily.

Hosting Your Events/ Workshops at thINC as a member:

  1. Add your event in the Cobot calendar
  2. Fill out the Event Information Form below to keep us in the loop
  3. Freshen up on running your own show to hit a home run on event day

If you’re running a free event/workshop that’s open to our community and/or the public, we’ll waive the facility rental fee for the thINCubator. These are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership and bring awareness to your business.

If you’re running a PAID event/workshop, you’ll have two options. You can opt to rent our space at a discount (40% off requested space), or enter into a revenue sharing agreement with thINC where the house will take 25% of gross sales in lieu of a rental fee.

For existing Co-workers/ thINCubated Companies Only