Event FAQ

Using thINC for your Event

While we’re not an event space, your event must have been a fit with our mission! We have limited availability for events that are in-line with our mission of promoting entrepreneurship in the Mohawk Valley.


What’s our primary line of business?

We are primarily an incubator for upstate entrepreneurs and we promote an open space collaborative environment. This will typically be the environment of the space surrounding your scheduled event. The thINCubator houses co-working, thINCubated companies, the Refinery program and the Small Business Development Center. Please note that we cannot accommodate events that may disrupt the operation or business of our co-workers and thINCubated companies, so if there is a concern, please contact us for other event venue ideas.


What makes us unique from other venues?

We operate with a self-service model. This page IS your thINC event coordinator! Everything is laid out right here. If we are missing the mark on a question or concern, please contact us.

We do not have event staff, A/V techs, or clean up crews. The event request form is simply for use of the venue space. However, we do have many of the resources you’d need to have a productive event as well (i.e. converters for PC/ Mac, whiteboards, projector, waste cans, silverware, glasses, coffee cups, etc.). Be creative and have fun with it!


Sustainability is important to us.

  • We encourage you to use reusable event supply or compostable event supply or use our reusable items. We have glasses, plates, silverware, coffee cups, serving utensils, a coffee urn, some baking dishes supplies, a stove, dishwasher, microwave, coffee grinder, coffee maker, etc.
  • Please notify your guests on how to dispose of waste at the thINCubator. Education is the start of positive change. We have Recyclables, Returnables, Plastic Film collection, and a Landfill bin. If you bring your own supplies, make note of how to dispose of it at the beginning of your gathering.
  • If you decide to use single-use plastic or styrofoam products, please take un-used items with you for future use.

Also, stay tuned as we build relationships with local restaurants to work with us on delivering catered food in more sustainable packaging.


Seeking additional services?

Looking for additional services for your event such as Videography, Photography, Catering or Marketing/Promotional services? Ask us for recommendations. We may be able to connect you with some great CNY startups. We also have created an interactive map of places to eat and places to visit while you’re in the area. Make a note requesting additional information at the end of your Event Request Form.

thINCubator is located at

326 Broad St. Utica, NY 13501

Please use our Catherine St. Entrance as located on the map.

Upon your arrival, if you’re the only ones in the building, light switches can be found to your right as you enter.


The door will be set to “Unlock” specifically for your day and time by an administrator prior to your event. If you have any trouble getting in, just ring the doorbell to the right of the Catherine St. door entrance.



To ensure your team/attendees can enter the building, please be ready to open the door and check them in upon arrival.



Depending on the nature of your event, we may collectively decide that issuing a temporary key is necessary. If this is the case, on the day of your event, you will receive a KISI invite that gives you a web link to open the door. You’ll see something similar to this:

Click the web link. Then, click “Unlock Door thINC entrance” when you’re ready to walk in.

We recommend arriving early for room setup and audio/ video prep, if needed.

Our space is your space on event day! Please don’t hesitate to set the room as you please with what we have. The majority of the furniture is mobile, set as desired. Feel free to use the mobile whiteboards, chairs, tables, bean bag chairs, waste cans, etc. Also, please be considerate of co-workers’ things.

Note: We do strive to set up the rooms in advance to the specifications indicated in your Event Request, however, it is not guaranteed. We do not have event staff for pre-set or event technicians for during the event. Please be prepared to coordinate accordingly. Thank you!

If you need audio/ video capabilites such as adapters, a clicker, a microphone, or projector, they can be found in the Audio/ Video Cabinet located to the left of the stage on the Broad St. side of the building.

Please return items that were used to where you found them. Additional batteries are available as well. Thank you.

NOTE: Be prepared to bring your own computer fro projection and necessary adapters.

Woohoo! Nice job. Now, this is the most important part for us to be able to keep offering the space for third party events! 😀

  • MAKE THE BED. Please return Audio/ Video equipment that was used to it’s appropriate home. If marked Blue, return to the Blue Cabinet. If marked Green, return to the Green Cabinet. We may have set it out for you in advance, but extend permission to put things back if you’re feeling adventurous. Also, please tidy the room.
  • SPIT SHINE. It would mean the world to us if you could wipe down any tables that were used for food or have accumulated debris.
  • REDUCE WASTE. Please be sure to dispose of waste using the Returnables, Recyclables, Plastic Film, and lastly, the Landfill bins. Proper disposal is very important to us.
  • LEFTOVERS. Got leftovers and no guests who want to take it? Co-workers LOVE leftovers. Please feel free to leave non-perishables on the counter or perishables in the refrigerator of the Coffee Station or the Large Kitchen to avoid food waste and make co-workers excited.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE. Please take any plastic or styrofoam event products with you for reuse (cups, plasticware, plates, etc.) We are a low waste space and we do not use single-use products.
  • LOCK UP. Please make sure all doors are un-pinned (locked) and turn out all the lights if no one is in the space. Note that two safety lights (one on each side) remain on at all times.

Now go celebrate your success! Thanks for hosting with us!