The Refinery is an multiple week program that accepts applications for teams/ companies with a mission to accelerate. The thINCubator offers the group program for up to 6 to 8 teams at a time.

So, who is the Refinery built for?

The Refinery is for new entrepreneurs who understand their business idea, their target market, and who have a beta product, existing service, or prototype. We focus on setting measurable goals and work with you to aggressively accelerate your business – growing it in the company of other entrepreneurs.

The program is free and open to both students and community members.

How do you know your business model has the potential to be successful? Have you done market research? Have you identified your core team or personnel needs? If you have determined the answers to some or all of these questions, our program may be right for you.

The Refinery accelerates the process of business development and deployment through mentoring and coaching. We want to rapidly move each participant or team through the process of building their business in a smart way, with an end-goal of producing revenue-generating entities or investment-ready firms. Build your team, build your network, and build your business.

Sound like a fit?

Apply for the spring or fall/ winter program using the application below.

Program Overview

“All-Hands” meetings every other week. Each meeting will have rapid round-robin updates from each team who will report on progress and anchors. Transparency is a must. We’ll also have topic-focused discussions relevant to the collective goals of the teams.

Weekly One-on-One sessions – individual coaching sessions are designed to keep participants on track and take deeper dives into issues and challenges that are impeding the growth or acceleration of your business. Check-ins may be virtual or in-person. You’ll also meet with SBDC advisors at least twice throughout the 8 weeks.

Accountability via Slack – All participants will join our private Slack team where they are expected to provide regular quick updates to other teams regarding what they’re doing to accomplish their goals. Slack is also a great tool for participants to solve problems, share resources, and have discussions throughout the week.

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