About Us


  • We believe in upstate NY Entrepreneurs.
  • We believe that entrepreneurs are key to remaking, reshaping, and regrowing the upstate economy.
  • We believe that collaboration breeds success.
  • We believe in giving aspiring entrepreneurs the tools, connections, and knowledge they need to succeed.

We connect and support those who want to build CNY’s future.
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What We Do

If you’re a student or member of our local community who is looking to take your product or service to market, we want to help accelerate the process. The thINCubator offers ideation programs to help you generate better business idea (The Idea Lab),  Refine and Accelerate your startup (The Refinery), and meet other CNY Creatives (MESH). We give aspiring entrepreneurs the resources to make their visions a reality.

Based on the LEAN ideology, we work through common startup challenges like forming your entity, building a team, testing your product, and figuring out how you’ll actually make money.  Our cohorts accelerate the process of ideation, development and deployment through mentoring and coaching. We want to rapidly move each participant or team through the process of building their business in a smart way, with an end-goal of producing revenue generating entities or investment ready firms.

You shouldn’t try to build a rocket ship without talking to an astronaut or a rocket scientist, right? As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to make informed decisions, and one of the best ways to learn is from the experience of others. We can help connect you with seasoned entrepreneurs who have been in your position and have had the real-world experience to help answer to your questions. They can share their stories, advice, successes and failures to help you make better decisions as you build your business.

Want to become a mentor and work with CNY startups? We want to hear from you. Get more information and connected here.

The most common question we get from aspiring entrepreneurs is that they don’t know who the other entrepreneurs are in our region. We’re going to fix that.

We’re building an entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout upstate New York. That means collaborating and fostering ‘creative collisions’ through events at and around the thINCubator. We serve as a place where entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, techies, hackers, hustlers and hipsters can connect, get to know each other and start building projects.

Get your learn on. We host special events throughout the year where we bring in speakers from around the area and around the country to talk about startups, tech, building businesses and building the future. We host lively discussions, social events, and standalone workshops that focus on topics such as ideation, failure, intellectual property, building teams and more. Check out our events calendar for more info.

Our Sponsors

“There is no better for beginner entrepreneurs than thINCubator. During my time there, our company had a 500% increase in customers and gained access to invaluable resources through Ryan’s network.”

Kwasi Agyemang

You really learn a lot in the 10 week cohort at the thINCubator. I was able to refine my idea to a solid starting point in that time frame, along with getting some customers. I would highly suggest getting involved with the thINCubator If you have an vision you are passionate about, want to see your work pay off, and get a great experience.

Anthony Ostuni
CEO - Wayconnect

Thank you so much for coming in to talk with our students at JFK. It was an eye opening experience for the students to hear how to take their prototype and turn it into a product. Your information will help guide them along in this process. They won the project award and received a perfect score on that part that includes, research, presentation and innovative solution/invention. They placed 6th out of 24 teams in the robotic games. They qualified for the championships at SUNY PI on January 16th. The judges couldn’t think of any questions because the students addressed everything in their 5 minute presentation. This is in part to you for all of your help! Very excited for the kids!

Justin Eberley
JFK Middle School STEM Club Instructor
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