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A thINC Team session is for if you would like to meet with both of us at the same time for a meeting of the minds jam session. We’re happy to meet with you in person here at thINCubator or virtually (we will share a meeting link after booking).

Stacey Smith

Wearing the hat of Founder with my startup, Lilo Life, and exploring the startup space for over 6 years allows me to relate to your entrepreneurial journey. Big believer in the power of community and I am here to remind you that decisions ARE progress. Let’s dig in! Specialties: operational strategy, preliminary cost analysis & pricing strategy, social media, graphic design, brand strategy, leveraging tech to reduce waste, automate & create a better customer experience, copywriting, basic website CPR & tech troubleshooting, online businesses, reverse engineering goals, and playing devil’s advocate to refine ideas.

Ryan Miller

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a huge appetite for building things. Well, not things, but ideas. Projects. Networks. Relationships. And now more than ever there is such an opportunity to share ideas, network with fascinating people and work together to produce something great. Expert at taking technical problems and explaining them in plain English to ‘non-techies’. Specialties: Social Media, Web applications, Graphic Design, Web Development, bridge-building, small business marketing