Everything you need to turn fans into customers, and customers into raving fans.

Our (free) 3-week sprint starts June 14th (online)

How do your customers define better? What’s the best way to compete in a crowded marketplace?

Is more better? Is less better? Is faster or slower better? Is cheaper better?

The truth is…. ‘BETTER IS BETTER”.

How do you define better?

We’ll take lessons from the likes of Air BnB, Apple, Ferarri and more and help YOU develop a customer experience that creates true fans – customers that would miss you if you weren’t there. And that does NOT mean having to always be the cheapest!

You’ll come out of this sprint with a better understanding of the problem your business solves, how to build a better customer experience, and really measure success.

3 Weeks

Online Modules

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Big Impact

Our Sprint Begins 6/14
2021/06/14 12:00:00

Week 1 – Map Making and True North

We’ll help you define what people are actually paying you to do, and how well you’re doing it. What’s the problem you’re solving?

We’ll develop tools for measuring success and transform the way you think about your brand using the Clock Model.

Week 2 – The Customer Journey

We’ll dissect how you current get and serve customers, and how your competition fares.

Then, we’ll take a page from Air BnB and how they build raving fans and great experiences.

Finally, you’ll develop ways to invest time and money in the right places to develop an experience that is truly remarkable.

Week 3- Friction and Blueprints for Success

Using the tools from weeks 1 and 2, we’ll help you look at how to save both time and money with your new customer experience, how to test and tweak, and pull it all into a blueprint for success.

Ready? Let's go!