Culture is Everything...

What is culture anyway? According to the dictionary, “culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.” Culture is very important to us. In order to foster a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs are supported and innovation can flourish, we must focus on culture. We focus on mitigating barriers to creativity like crushing criticism, fear, and tension. We encourage free flow, healthy habits, humor, and a relaxed environment – all of which foster creative collisions and good-vibe culture.

Our Team
Stacey Smith

A “Jill-of-all-trades” sums me up. Wearing the hat of Founder with my startup, Lilo Life, allows me to relate to your entrepreneurial journey. A few specialties: strategist, great with establishing budgets, an eye for design, and playing devil’s advocate, all in good ways, when it comes to refining an idea or while developing a product. Fueled by empowering others. I get pumped when I can help entrepreneurs break through the stages of fear. Organizing, implementing a process, and breaking down overarching goals into attainable tasks is definitely an area I like to play in as well. If you’re fine-tuning a pitch or need assistance with refining your message, let’s talk. Gallup EP10 Top 4: Selling, Disruptor, Delegator, Knowledge

Ryan Miller

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a huge appetite for building things. Well, not things, but ideas. Projects. Networks. Relationships. And now more than ever there is such an opportunity to share ideas, network with fascinating people and work together to produce something great. Long-term goals include using the web to bring together residents of communities to learn, interact, affect policy decisions, and affect change. Expert at taking technical problems and explaining them in plain English to ‘non-techies’. Specialties: Social Media, Web applications, Graphic Design, Web Development, bridge-building, small business marketing