Inner Genius

Inner Genius is a 5-week lifestyle design program to help you reverse engineer your goals, make bold moves and build the life you want. Registration will open upon the new year of 2018! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop.

When you join Inner Genius you are a part of a group that meets for 5 weeks and helps you build a roadmap to execute on your dreams whether you’re considering a career move, starting your own venture, continuing your education or pursuing a promotion. Regardless of your reason, discovering your inner genius will help you formulate your freedom & gain confidence to make real change in your life for designing a better future.

The 5-week discovery process consists of 5 modules lead with discussion & exercises for lifestyle design. Reverse engineering your goals overnight is simply not realistic. That’s why the Inner Genius participants will be responsible for homework each week & have deliverables for at the end of each week to ensure you’re confident and ready to make your next move…

We want you to make a living (or a killing) doing what you love.

What do you get?

5 weeks of Inner Genius meet-ups with dynamic discussions, exercises and access to all of the slides, resources & worksheets for $60. Not a lot of risk for a whole lot of reward.

* 5-week program runs 5:30-7:30pm each night (9-10 hours total).

 When is the next Inner Genius session?

The next Inner Genius session starts Feb 8th of 2018, just in time for New Year’s Resolutions!


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Week 1: Introduction

Brain Dump
Inner Circle

Week 2: Dream Big

Defining dreams within 6 categories

Week 3: Values

Internal GPS
Values Questionnaire

Week 4: Inner Genius

Discovery Process

Week 5: Take Action

Digging for Gold
Unplug Challenge
Wrap Up