One of our fellow co-workers, Joe Pasqualetti, has been developing an app since June 2017 called “Workout Week” and it’s now available on the App store. We decided to sit down, chat about the process, and share it with you.

About the App

This fitness app tracks weekly progress as opposed to day by day viewing like many other fitness applications. It reads workout data from other apps and it loads workouts from the current week Monday to Monday to match with Apple Watch. If you want to view different categories of exercise you can exclude or add categories, for example, to see how much running you have done versus weight training. There is a share button to send to friends and the ability to save an image of your progress. The app can export a chart into a square for ease of use to fit into a viewable area for other popular applications like Facebook and Instagram too.

The Process

Joe was inspired to create this app based off of his own interest to track weekly workout progress through visuals with his iPhone and Apple Watch. “Workout Week’ pairs really well with Apple Watch. Joe tells us “I also have some updates planned like history, alternate app icons, hopefully recording workouts so that it’s more complete without Apple Watch integration.” Joe chose to develop this app for himself and had a desire to write a Watch compatible application. Joe started this project at the beginning of June and spent some time testing a game technology to draw everything for about a week and found there were technical problems going in that direction. When he found himself on the right path, he decided to take some features away, such as history, in order to get the application into the App store.

ThINC Review by Stacey Smith

We’ve heard Joe talking about the development of this app and it’s really neat to see it in physical form. There are few quarks that Joe is working through, like the delayed speed of syncing to the watch. On a positive note, it allows you to practice patience. What I see as an advantage of weekly viewing is that you are able to see your progress compound through the “temperature gauge” model. A weekly view is motivating for gaining momentum. Right now, viewing history is not accessible through the app. After thinking about it, this may be an advantage in itself as well! The app allows you to focus on ONE week at a time. Forget the past.. keep moving forward. (To override this – you can just save or share weekly progress and track that way if absolutely desired). Last, but not least, this app is only useful if you have a Apple Watch as of right now.

Find the App

Got an Apple Watch and iPhone? Download the app today! Go to or to take you directly to the App Store.


We value process and progress at the thINCubator and encourage folks to make things, break things, fail fast, and get creative. Great job, Joe, for starting and finishing this project and sharing this with thINCubator. Interested in co-working like Joe? Read about the benefits of the space here:

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